WVUT can be viewed over the air for free, on channel 22.  WVUT is currently broadcasting one HD channel, 22.1, and one SD channel, 22.2.   WVUT is also available from one of the following television service providers.

New Wave Communications:

  • WVUT 22.1 analog on channel 5
  • WVUT 22.1 HD on channel 22.1 *(or 99.3 depending on your particular tv set) or 204 with cable box
  • WVUT 22.2 SD on channel 22.2* (or 76.4 depending on your particular tv set) or 106 with cable box


  • WVUT 22.1 analog on channel 12
  • WVUT 22.1 HD  on channel 812*

Dish Network:

  • WVUT 22.1 analog on channel 22


If you are currently watching WVUT from a service provider not mentioned above, please let us know by emailing  engineering@wvut.org.

* These channels may require additional equipment and/or an HDTV