Inmates being held in the Knox County Jail may soon be liable to pay for some of their health care costs.

Sheriff Doug Vantlin outlined the plan to members of the Knox County Council on Tuesday, as he says health care costs are a large part of the jail’s budget.

Vantlin says inmates maybe charged a $10 co-pay for trips to the doctor or to help pay for prescriptions.

The goal according to the Sheriff is to cut down on unwanted trips to the doctor for minor illnesses, although Vantlin says health care will not be denied to any inmate.

If an inmate has money available in their commisary fund, Vantlin says the will need to decide between buying a candy bar or going to see health nurse for a runny nose or hang nail

The plan has been implemented in other county jails across the state and has shown success in curbing health care costs among inmates.

Council members voiced their support for the plan which still needs the approval of the Knox County Commissioners before it can be implemented.