The planning for the Washington Avenue Project will roll on.

City Engineer John Sprague appeared before the Board of Works at their meeting on Monday to give the board an update on where the project stands and to give an update on the consultant contract.

Upon Sprague’s recommendation, the board signed a contract with United Consulting out of Indianapolis for the project. That contract is for just over $750,000.

Sprague says the contract leads up all the way to the bidding process for construction.

Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum said the project will be done in two phases, from Saint Clair out to Bell Crossing.

Yochum says with this project, they will be redoing the streets, sidewalks, curbs and adding bike lanes. It’s important that they do this area first since there aren’t currently any sidewalks.

Yochum says this project will have a huge impact on the community, specifically the residents of the Washington Avenue area.

Yochum says this project is still a good 4-5 years away, but the planning process continues to go smoothly.

Last year, the City announced it had secured a $5.7 million grant to pay for the bulk of the project.